Reply to Soldier of Fortune Magazigine


Dear Soldier of Fortune Magazine:

Thank you for inquiring about my recent history regarding the usage of your “product”. At the present time, I‘m all set. I want to thank you, however, for all the previous times that I have utilized your services.

There just doesn’t seem to be the need at present to overturn Governments, throw out dictators, or just make people just disappear. Before I forget it though, let me just say that the last team you recommended were great. P27 and M38 were amazing. The last time I used them, they located, extracted, and made sure that my LAST client would never be heard from again. I would definitely call upon them again in the event something comes up.

It’s always good to know when I need to make a girlfriend/boyfriend pay for their sins; you are always there and ready to assist me. Again, thank you for your inquiry, and yes, I DO have your number when and IF the need arises.

Give my regard to the team, and tell them I will definitely call on them again. Also say hi to “The Bulldozer”, “Snake”, and “Scooter”. Best regards guys, and before I forget it, what do you think the odds are for Trump to become our next president?

Hopefully, he will NOT obtain enough delegates to run, if so, we may need to speak again. All the Best…




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