Clarification of My Letter to the Soldier of Fortune Magazine


For those of you out there who may be Feds reading my latest article, PLEASE note, IT WAS HUMOR!!! Come On!!!! In no way was I trying to threaten anyone, kill anyone, or have anybody abducted.

God, you guys are SOOOOO touchy!!! Gone are the days that we can write a satirical or humorous piece about any type of Government agency without the threat of causing great harm to our person and reputations.

For the record, IT WAS A HUMOR PIECE… Please, don’t send me threatening emails, letters; or worse yet, have that black van parked across the street monitoring my every move. I Am NOT a terrorist.

 Hell, with the amount of money I pay in taxes/year, I SUPPORT most of you poorly paid Feds. Give me a break, will ya? By the way, Bulldozer, Snake, and Scooter were just MADE up names, NOT real people. I am a writer, and as such, I expect a little creative space to write what I want without being harassed.

After all, this IS still America isn’t it, you know freedom of speech and all. Anyway, if I have offended anyone, then I am sorry. It really IS a shame that our world is in such a state that the NSA has to listen in on everything we are saying, or has the ability to disrupt the lives of average Americans.

For those of you who KNEW this article was just for FUN, THANK YOU, for everyone else, well, I am afraid you need to develop a sense of humor.



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