How Do Others Perceive You


Well folks, it’s Monday, and at the present time I have a minute or 30 to write so here are my thoughts for today. In today’s society, it is all about “ME” thinking. Do I look my best, do I have enough money, is MY car better than my neighbors, etc.

What we SHOULD be asking ourselves is “How do Others Perceive US? What are we made of? Do they see us as kind, loving, human beings, OR do we appear to be the wicked witches/warlocks of the West?

I have always WANTED to be perceived as a beautiful, smart, kind, SEXY and a giving person. In actuality, I AM. I think that was my EGO talking, but none the less, I strive each and every day towards these qualities.

Each of us is different, yet all of us have the potential to share these above listed qualities. Does it take some effort, sure, but in the long run it is surely worth it.

No one really wants to be perceived as a grouch, and all it takes is a little daily practice and some good old fashion hygiene to make it happen. Practice the art of “paying it forward”.

Buy someone in the McDonalds line behind you their lunch, pay a few bucks at the toll booth so that others can go through for free, send in an anonymous pizza lunch for the nurses at a hospital, OR, just help someone that really needs the help.

Pretty soon, your perception by others of you will have changed. We’re only here on this merry go round for a few short years in the annals of time, so make them count.

Until Later…


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