Just Ask Sooz


Dear Sooz:

I am a 34 year old attractive woman with big boobs. Herein lies the problem. I am married, and everywhere we go someone is looking at my big melons. This really pisses my husband off, in fact; he is somewhat hot headed about this, and has gotten into more than just a couple of fights.

I have told him time and time again that it doesn’t matter to me if someone stares, but he sees it as rude and degrading. Actually, I kind of like the attention the twins bring.

What can I do to help him understand that I love only him and that there is no need to get upset about this issue?

Bra Filler


Dear Bra Filler:

Sorry, but your signature made me chuckle. Honey, there are a LOT of us girls who are endowed with a generous bosom, and men are gonna stare at them. I can’t change Human nature.

Like you, I too have a nice set and I get that same attention ALL the time. Now, I DON’T know HOW you dress so let me say this. IF you are wearing low cut tops or other twin enhancing clothing, perhaps you should dial it down when you are out with your husband.

Wear NICE fitting, not tight clothes that will accentuate your gifts. Reinforce to your husband that you love him, and that others looking at you will not change that. He seems to me to be a bit challenged with his manhood considering his foolish behavior.

I believe if you do this, he will change his mind and not be so sensitive. Good luck and give my best to the twins.

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