Great Day in History


Today, April 29th. In 1813, one of our most famous products was first patented. I’ll give you a hint, it stretches, it winds, has MANY uses, and can be purchased cheaply. Any thoughts?

If you guessed string, you would be WRONG, ‘cause it’s Rubber. Yup, it’s good old fashioned rubber. Now you may ask, “Sooz, how do you KNOW all these amazing fascinating facts”? Are you a wizard, do you have a brain stored full of secrets we know nothing about, (Well, yes, but not regarding facts. WINK)…

Little fairies whispered it into my ear this AM while I was taking a shower. Not BUYING that one, OK, I LOOKED it up OK??? Aren’t you glad I did, though? The NEXT time someone asks you when rubber was first patented, there will be no more himming or hawing, you will be able to just spit the date, right off your tongue, impressing all of your friends and colleagues.

Let’s look at how we use rubber every day of our lives, shall we? The tires that are on our cars for one, much better than those wooden wheels used in olden days; or, how about rubber balls, golf balls, bumper guards, or MY favorite, rubber bands;

I must admit BESIDES using them to secure things, I used to wrap them around my thumb and pointer finger as a gun and then SHOOT them at my enemies.

Of course, while not being a very ladylike thing to do, it was very self-satisfying. NO, I am NOT a serial killer…Come on, I heard you thinking about it!!!

I hope you enjoyed this post and remember…”If you stretch it out, it will just roll back up eventually” THINK ABOUT IT…All the best… 😉

Until Later…





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