Cinco de Mayo—The REAL Story


So Thursday is Cinco de Mayo day and thousands of Mexicans AND Americans will celebrate this joyous holiday. Now I realize that many of you who celebrate this day already THINK you know the TRUE history of the day, but, I am here to tell you the TRUTH, about what REALLY happened.

There once lived a boy in Pueblo, Mexico, whose name was Cinco. He had been the fifth child in a family of eight, so NATURALLY his parents named him Cinco, meaning five in Spanish.

One day Cinco and his lady friend Juanita were on a picnic enjoying Mexico’s beautiful landscapes, when they came upon a beautiful stream. The couple’s eyes lit up and they decided to stop there to eat.

There was indeed a feast packed, Burritos,  Pobalno Enchalladas, Black Bean and corn salad, and of course traditional Mexican Guacamole. Many of these dishes had mayonnaise in them and if the truth be told, they had been in the  hot sun for quite some time.

The couple sat on the ground after laying down a blanket and were about to eat when a cute little el perro (Dog) happened by. He was sooooo cute that Cinco and Juanita decided to invite him to the picnic.

All of a sudden, nature called for Cinco, he excused himself and went to a nearby tree to relieve himself. While he was away, Juanita gave the dog one one of her delicious looking Burritos. The pup gobbled it down, and then, just a minute later it rolled over in pain, puking its guts out, and died right there in front of her.

Juanita immediately realized that the Mayo was bad and it poisoned the poor animal. When Cinco got back, he was famished. Before she could say anything, he grabbed for a Burrito. Not wanting her boyfriend to befall a similar fate as the dog, she pointed towards the poisoned animal and she yelled in her loudest voice, Cinco…de MAYO…

As Paul Harvey would say, “And now you know the REST of the story.”

Until Later…

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