Just Ask Sooz


Dear Sooz:

Last year my husband of 23 years and I got a divorce. I really haven’t been looking for anyone since,  I thought I would take a break for a while, ya know?

You see, my Ex was a very controlling man and I just can’t shake the idea of being controlled by anyone ever again. Here in lies my problem and question; I have recently met a man who has been kind and attentive towards me in every way except one.

He seems to have a jealous streak. Honestly, I don’t know if I can handle this. My Ex started out the same way and it just developed into a real problem. I am afraid I might be heading down the same path again.

My relationship with this man is not that strong yet, but I do enjoy his company. Am I heading down the road of destruction again? What are your thoughts on this? Please help me.



Dear Distressed:

It sounds to me that your choice of men seems to gravitate towards the controlling type. Since you have already been THROUGH this once, there’s no reason to get caught up in this for a second time.

I would drop this man like a hot pocket and move on to other men if that’s, in your cards. There is no shame in being alone either, unless you are one of those women who just need a man.

Many times, controlling men also turn out to be physically abusive. In my humble opinion, there is NO reason in HELL to go back into that same situation.

Look dearie, there are MANY men in the Sea, go fishing for one who truly loves you and is NOT a control freak. In the long run, you will thank me and will be a MUCH happier woman for listening. Good luck…





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