What’s More Important, Love or Money


That’s really an interesting question, isn’t it? I believe it all depends on individuals, social mores. For example, years ago in the dark ages when I was growing up, if you asked ME that question, I would definitely have said Love.

Today, I really can’t be sure what the majority of people who are 30 years or younger would honestly say. I believe it all depends on your social upbringing, for example, if you were raised in a loving home, but was extremely poor growing up, my guess would be money.

On the other hand, if you were brought up in a rich family with very little love shown to you, my guess would STILL be money. Love would be something that would be alienated from you, and as such, you would know nothing of what love really is.

Let’s say that you grew up in a home where you were comfortable money wise AND you had a loving support system, THEN my answer would be Love every time.

Personally, if you asked me right now, I would have to say Love. While I was brought up in a loving environment in my early childhood, certainly that changed, and all I wanted to do at that point was to get out from behind a bad situation, and make my mark on Society. To DO this, I felt that I needed to make lots and lots of money while growing in importance through the job market.

You see, I always have associated love, as having OTHERS look up to you as MY form of love. Obviously, in MY situation, I have never known TRUE Love, so in essence, even while I THINK I know what it means, I can never be sure.

Sad really, isn’t it? Some folks have the Cinderella dream, while others just keep chasing what they BELIEVE it is. Oh well, maybe someday, I will actually find love, and be able to understand it for what it really is. I hope so… Thanks for listening.

Until Later…


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