Just Ask Sooz

Dear Sooz:

I am a mother of two beautiful girls, ages 9 and 11. I have wanted to be a mother for years, and rejoiced after I received these little bundles of joy. Here is my tale of woe; I have been raising these girls in a single parent household now for 6 years.

My ex, I found out was being abusive to my two angels when they were only 3 and 5 years old respectively. Once I found out about it, I confronted him, he admitted it, and I kicked him out immediately.

Things seemed to be OK until my youngest started asking questions about her father, and why wasn’t daddy coming around anymore? She said she missed daddy sleeping with her.

You see, I am a nurse and many times was working the overnight shift. I had no idea what was going on until my youngest, then 3, kept having nightmares about her father trying to kiss her.

I immediately got involved, found out, and corrected the problem hastily. Here is my problem, neither one really understood what was going on at the time, nor would I like to share all the dirty details with a six year old..

I just don’t know how to answer her question without explaining what happened. I love my girls Sooz, and I am trying to protect them, any thoughts?

Distressed Mom


Dear Distressed Mom:

Hmmmmm, honestly, this I a little bit above my pay grade. I am NOT a licensed psychologist yet, and after reading your story, it infuriated me. I would have thrown the book at that degenerate SOB. His sorry ass would be rotting in jail right now if it had been MY kids.

Try explaining to her that daddy is sick, and that he shouldn’t have been sleeping in her bed. No need for details. Just explain that it was better for daddy to get well first before he was able to come home again.

Tell her that daddy still loves her, but that at this time, he is STILL not well enough to come by. As she gets a little older, you can explain the REAL situation, but for NOW, this should answer her question without any repercussions. I am STILL fuming!!!


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