Hilary a “Fashion” Statement…Ahhh NO

OMG!!! People, it is time to rise up and vote DOWN bad fashion. Look Hillary, the 60’s called, they want their pants suits back. If I see her in one more pants suit, I’m gonna gag!!!!!!

This woman just doesn’t get fashion. I’m sorry Hillary, it’s true. I am afraid that I can just NOT vote for ANYONE who is still stuck in the era of free love. I mean if you’re gonna wear something like that, at LEAST have your Bong loaded and your VW Bus with all kinds of psychedelic swirls on it parked in the lot.

I could ALMOST vote for you if you TALKED like a NORMAL 60’s person spoke. Using lots of “LIKES” and “COOL” and GNARLY MAN in sentences. I’m sorry, the outdated pant suits drive me crazy. Even when I’ve taken 10 or 11 hits on my Bong. YIKES!!!

Here’s a thought, give me a call, and I would be glad to run your campaign.  No, I wouldn’t tell you what to say or do, you already HAVE a fucked up handle on THAT already, I would just bring you back into the REAL world with dresses, blouses that match, and at YOUR age, pantyhose for God’s sake.

Ahhhh, there, I feel better now…Hillary, if you’re reading me, give me a jingle, let’s talk…

Until Later…


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