What Type of Gangster Would YOU Like to Be

Just in case they’re any Cops, Feds, Ninja Warriors, or OTHER law enforcement agencies reading this, Let me be clear…I said would you “LIKE” to be. I certainly don’t need my name on the “No Fly List”.

So, If I could be a gangster, I would like to be a Mexican drug lord. It seems to me that they get all the bucks without hardly ever getting caught. They just live in their 100 million dollar mansions, swim in their pools, and occasionally make plans for drug buys in “Other” countries.

Oh sure, there are close calls occasionally, but, they have enough manpower to pretty much handle any “problems”. Unfortunately, most of all THOSE gangster positions are already filled, so, I guess my next pick would be a computer theft hacker.

I always kind of admired the guys who stole MILLIONS from several different banks with just a computer program. What they did was Trick the bank employee’s install Malware via E–mails, “they would inflate an account balance, then immediately withdraw the inflated amount before returning the account to its original balance. Such a method made it harder for the account holder and bank to spot that an illegal transaction had taken place.”

How about YOU? What kind of a criminal would YOU be if given the chance?

PLEASE NOTE: This is JUST A POST and NOT an intentional admission of ANYTHING!!!!! Geeeeeeez!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Until Later…


Reference:  http://www.digitaltrends.com/computing/hackers-steal-up-to-1-billion-in-huge-online-bank-heist.








Reference:  http://www.digitaltrends.com/computing/hackers-steal-up-to-1-billion-in-huge-online-bank-heist.

4 thoughts on “What Type of Gangster Would YOU Like to Be

  1. I would go for a 50s gangster in the prohibition just because they had all the cool fashion, as for how long I would survive back then is a different story but at least I would die looking cool 🙂


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