Let’s All Celebrate National Mushroom Hunting Day

Drunk mushroom cartoon


For those of you who may NOT know, today is National Mushroom Hunting Day. It IS, I looked it up, HELL, I couldn’t believe it EITHER. So WHAT exactly does that mean for all of us?

It MEANS, that after work, or before work, or just ANYTIME during the course of the day, we ALL have to go hunting and searching for WILD mushrooms.

Why WILD mushrooms you ask, well, because plain old, lay by a tree mushrooms, are NOT FUN to find. I want a mushroom that is spirited and free, one that gives us a good chase, is witty and has that party animal mentality, hence the term “WILD” mushrooms.

According to the rules, oh YES, there ARE rules; all it says is to HUNT the mushrooms. It doesn’t say KILLL the mushrooms, or EAT the mushrooms, (Although I think that would be a shame personally), the rules refer only to hunting them.

Of course, my NEXT question is, “What do we hunt them WITH?” Are there mushroom guns, or Godzinkas, or perhaps even Kantinkas to help us find and capture these fun filled little buggers?

WHEN are they most easily found anyway? Do they hide during the day to make themselves less obvious, or do they dance around and then when spotted, run behind bushes and such and just disappear into the thickets?

I can see now that these little herbivores are a tricky one. I’m gonna bring along a first aid kit tonight, JUST in case. So, who’s WITH me? We’ll meet at dusk by the old canyon, you know the one, where the TALL trees grow, and the prairie dogs howl. HELLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Is ANYONE out there???

Gotta go, must accumulate all my gear for tonight’s adventure…See you all there…

Until Later…

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