Once Upon a Drunk


A quiet night of drinking, and then, drunk from the disquietous taste of too much wine, slowly I slip into the realms of alcohol’s slumber. Trance-like, I felt my body being lifted and placed upon my bed. Ah, quiet sleep, come to me and let me feel you wrap yourself around me.

Without warning , a strange development has arisen? Someone or something is disrobing me. I feel the warmth of breath around my neck, as my bra is CUT from my body. Slowly and cautiously like a nuclear scientist handling radiation, my clothes are stripped from me helplessly, what is happening?

I have only a thong now covering my God given gifts. Hot breath breathes down my wasted flesh, while the entity kisses each and every crevice. Cupping my ample breast, he gently pulls them up and brings his lips to my willing nipples. Ever so lightly, while exerting a small squeeze, he bites them, sending me into a river of wetness.

There IS no turning back now, I am his/hers/ or whatever is making love to my drunken flesh. All I can do now is quiver with delight, each time I feel the stroke of a hand slide down my willing body.

Without regard to my thong, I feel a sharp instrument slice through it like butter being spread on toast. That MOUTH, Oh my God, that mouth, I am his completely as a tongue is inserted into me.

Slowly sliding down my river of sin, from the bottom to the top, I once again quiver and sing out in my drunken state. A finger, then two, then three starts to play with Natures birth canal all the while he licks me.

I can withstand his advances no more; I arch my back and sing Hallelujah as I succumb to his magical fingers. Once satisfied, I immediately fall back into a drunken stupor.

The next day, I awake, alone, and still wet from my experience. Did I DREAM this, or did I masturbate myself? I guess I shall NEVER know, but, really who cares, I am satisfied, and I start my day off once again with a nice Merlot. Maybe I’ll experience what I had last night again soon.

I HOPE so…

Until Later…





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