A Ride to Paradise


        *********************ADULT BLOG*************************

A warm, sweet wind flowed through my patio door. The night was magical, stars surrounding the Heavens, like diamonds flickering in the sky. SHE was coming.

I met Sooz while shoe shopping in the Mall, we both reached for the same pair of shoes simultaneously, and as our hands touched, rubbing skin against skin, I knew that she was the one for me.

Usually, I don’t believe in love at first sight, but this red headed beauty, with style and grace, and a luscious body to boot, were too much for my senses to bear…

The curve of her frame was like a fine hourglass, just waiting to be handled and turned. Did I have relationships before, sure, but THIS time I felt a twisting in my stomach, a knot that was ONLY going to be dislodged by her body next to mine.

A knock at the door sounded, just as I had poured the wine and dimmed the lights. Quiet, romantic music was playing on my disc player, and once again the knots started turning in my anxious stomach.

If the truth be told, I had never made love to a woman before, but for Sooz, I was going to make an exception. Trying to dislodge the uneasy feeling, I opened the door and invited her in.

She looked AMAZING. Beautiful low cut red dress, with just enough cleavage showing to make me wanna take her right there at the door. Those legs, long and succulent legs, and her green eyes, made my crotch wet with anticipation.

Pouring her a glass of wine, we sat, chatted, and I hung on to each word as if my life depended on it. I smiled, and she smiled back, I was in Heaven. The oven timer bell went off and I suggested we eat. Sooz, on the other hand, had OTHER plans; she winked with a devilish smile, and suggested we have dessert first.

Not wanting to show my uneasiness, I took her hand and led her to the bedroom. Sooz, obviously had done this before, she leaned in, cupped my breast, and gave me a long but soft kiss. She unzipped my dress slowly, savoring with her eyes each and every piece of newly exposed skin. I was wet, I mean river flowing wet.

She took my hand, put it up inside her dress, and let me feel her warm and wet pussy. She dropped the rest of my clothes while NOT forgetting to massage and kiss each and every inch of me.

I could stand it no longer; I unzipped her dress, and let it fall to the ground. I pushed her onto my bed and started to suck that beautiful mouth, all the while teasing her moist pleasure spot.

Sooz rolled me over onto my back, starting with my neck; she kissed it with wild abandon until she reached my ass. Slapping it briskly, she then kissed, and licked it until I went into a moaning arching position.

Quickly she rolled me back over, dove into my pussy like she was giving me CPR, and within seconds, I had CUM, having one of the best orgasms I had ever had.

I turned, and went to her pleasure spot while circling her clit until she exploded with pleasure, screaming my name…Julie.. OH God Julie…Fuck me Julie.

We just lay there, smiles on our faces, and with the unstated feeling, that this would DEFINITELY happen again.






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