Poems by Sooz

When I was just a little girl,

My daddy used to say,

Sooz, you are like sugar and spice,

In every single way.


Adolescence came and went,

And the sugar and spice were gone,

Alcohol had replaced that image,

And I started to wear a thong.


Sexy was now the image I chose,

So slinky and so sleek,

I’d make the girls drop their tongues,

And have me satisfy their freak.


Time comes and goes, upon this world,

And all the lovers say,

You’re just a friend and NOT a mate,

Pack up and go your way.


A lesson was learned, and shared with many,

That Sooz will have no Love,

For all she is,

Is a business woman, whose passion flies like the Dove.


Feel sorry NOT, for I have come,

To realize my fate,

There are many lovers, and many friends,

Yet there will NEVER be a mate.





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