The Subway Ride–Adult Story–

I have always hated trains, EXCEPT for today, always crowded, smelly, and usually with a hint of disquietedness, and with the same route every day, it gets to be a bit boring.

Hi, my name is Marsha, and I needed some excitement in my life. Usually, I am a shy gal, you know the type, she says very little until she gets to know you, but today was different. I NEEDED something different, something exciting.

As I sat on that boring train, I decided that I needed to do something crazy. Something that would make THIS train ride like no others, I decided to make love to the next person who sat next to me, male or female. Crazy, right, I know, but I was tired of being boring Marcia and I needed some spark, something out of the ordinary, to make a lasting memory.

“42 St.”, I heard the conductor yell, as several people got off to carry on with their boring lives. Then it happened, my plan was about to be put into production. A man, probably in his early 50’s sat down next to me. Boy was HE in for the treat of his life. He sat down, gave me one of those fake hi how are ya smiles, and then, opened up his newspaper.

Was I REALLY gonna go through with this I thought to myself, YES, by god I was. Summoning all my courage, I started a conversation with this older and somewhat balding man. He seemed like a nice guy, worked as a Repo man in the city, and I noticed that he wasn’t wearing a ring.

Of course, at this point, I had already made up my mind, and I really didn’t care if a Kangaroo had sat next to me, I was STILL going through with it. I giggled as he told me about some of his crazy Repo stories, and moved my hand into his lap.

He looked at me like, what the HELL are you doing, as I moved my hand across his lap. I could FEEL the hardness coming under his pants as I stroked his muscle of love. His expression was priceless, as I placed the paper over his lap, undid his belt, and moved my hand inside his pants. His eyes were closed now, giving in to my hand as I STROKED his long hard member with my hand. At THIS point, there WERE no words from my seat mate, only small groans of pleasure.

Figuring he may need a little help, I slipped HIS hand under my dress, and placed it on my wet mound. He was sweating now, as he slipped his finger into my molten river of lust. His breathing became labored, and I too just wanted him to keep fucking me. God this was fun, I thought, why haven’t I ever done this before?

As the train rolled on, so did our sex session. We BOTH came within seconds of each other, stifling the sounds of passions release… He squirted like a fully loaded squirt gun, filling his pants with enough Jiz to load a dumpster, not bad I thought, as we both tried to look normal.

 “121 St.” the conductor yelled out, this is my stop I said as I gave him a slight grin and exited the train. I wanted a memory, and TODAY, I got one I shall never forget…

Until Later…


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