The Seductress-Adult Theme-

the Seductress

It was almost midnight, the feeling of anticipation sent chills down my spine as my session with Madame Olga was almost here. While driving nearly four hours took some of the edge off, it was my first time, and I was ready.   

Thinking to myself, did I HAVE everything she requested, Mask, check, Ectacy, check, I was even wearing the black thong that she requested. Yup, I had it all, and I was looking forward to it.

546 Treemont Street, that was the address alright as I turned into that long driveway and surveyed the property. Huge Willow trees graced the entire estate, and there was even a little rock garden in front which had been kept in pristine condition.

In front, a huge mansion which looked like something out of The Adam’s Family TV show back in the 70’s. It was funny, really, because it WAS pelting down rain, like hail rattling on an old rain bucket. The only thing I was waiting for was for Lurch the butler to answer the door.

I was a little creeped out as I rang the doorbell; the sexual energy had been building for months ever since I was told about Madame Olga from a friend of mine.

 I have always been curious about S & M, but I never really had the courage, OR the knowledge where to find it. I was afraid to go online and find it, I was just too chicken. So, here I was, venturing into something I had never done before, I was curious, anxious, and ready.

Madame Olga answered the door dressed in a sexy piece of lingerie, a pink bodice, with matching stockings to boot. She appeared to be in her 30’s, her husky voice was low and VERY sexy sounding, she smiled and bid me to come with her.

We walked along a darkened hallway till we reached two doors with golden overlays above them. She opened the doors and my eyes took in all the splendor around me. There were chains and whips, and an old stockade from the 1600’s peering out from the background.

Bondage harnesses, belts, and ball gags with chin harnesses were adorned around the room. Madame Olga asked what I wanted and I told her, I didn’t know, I was a novice, and what did SHE recommend?

Without further ado, she commanded me, “Take the Ecstasy, and take off your dress.” I did her bidding as I felt the EX slide down my gullet. My dress slipped to the floor and I was standing there with nothing on but a pair of High heels, and a Black Thong.

“Ever hear of pain and pleasure,” she asked, I told her I had. Then she told me to bend over an old table that was there, covered in white with black lace. I did as I was commanded, and she hit me with a riding crop, once, twice, and then a third time as I whimpered in pain.

While the marks of her whip were still bulging up, she kissed, and then licked my wounds. The Ecstasy had kicked in by now, and I have NEVER felt like this before. I wanted MORE. I started to speak, but she rebuked me as if I was a child. “No talking,” she said in a commanding voice, I remained silent.

Next, she led me to what looked like two bed pillars secured at the base by another wood frame. She tied my hands to each pillar before removing my thong and secured my legs also. I was hers, and she KNEW it.

She ball gagged me, and started to go down my body with a tickling feather. She did this from my neck, all the way down and between my soaked mound. Again, and again, I felt the riding crop tear across my back, followed by kissing and licking. It was all I could do to scream out, she was a master seductress, and I loved every moment of the pain and pleasure she was giving me.

Then, she did something different; she placed her luscious lips on my breasts and sucked them ever so tenderly.  First, my left one, and then my right, I was in FUCKING HEAVEN. I wanted her to just take and suck me like a brand new lollipop; instead, she grabbed a vibrator, and placed it on my pussy.

I could stand NO more, I writhed, and screamed as loud as I could through that ball gag until my insides shuttered from the satisfaction she had given me. She smiled, untied me, and then said, “GET DRESSED.” Once again, I did as I was instructed; I was a different woman now.

Once dressed, she told me…”Not bad for the FIRST session, see you again next week at the same time?” Shyly, I nodded yes, paid her, and walked out a happy woman. I couldn’t WAIT to see what she had in store for me NEXT time.






4 thoughts on “The Seductress-Adult Theme-

  1. Today on the train, a lady kept tickling my palms with her bag. I was sitting down, eyes closed listenin’ to Queens of the Stone Age and… I kept thinking. ‘God, it would be cool if she were Sooz…’ 💜. From Chambers St to 34th, local stops. My heart started racing barely out of control as she turned to face me with her shades on.

    I couldn’t make this up. If I could fuck her right where she stood… all I could think of was how nice and warm it would be to embrace her.


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