Freedom of Speech Rant


This is my Freedom of Speech Rant. Yup, I am fuming and I need to vent. All my life I have been for The Americn Way, Freedom of Speech being one of them. After writing a few Erotica pieces, I realize that we, as a nation, do NOT really have freedom of speech.


Now WHY is this I wonder? Is it because my Blogs are so erotic that I will upset The American Way of living….Ahhhh, NO, I don’t think so. Let’s be honest here, if push came to shove, I would BET that 90 + percent of people who have read Erotica have LOVED it. So then why am I being punished?


Is it because that “MOST” of those folks who HAVE read it pretend that they are holier than thou, and live on HIGH moral pedestals just under the Pearly Gates? That is MY belief. Afterall, it is the business owners who listen to and are FUNDED by these good old hearty folks with the high Gallutin’ morals.


HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOO, they are just WORDS people. What ever happenned to Sticks and Stones won’t hurt me??? It’s just another saying gone by the wayside, just like the old game Kick the Can. Hehehehe, in a WAY, I guess they ARE still playing it because they, (Business Owners), ARE KICKING MY CAN.


Look people, I was just trying to do something I have always wanted to try. I guess I will go back to writing humor again, at least it is something that “THE MAN”, has not decided to block, YET!!!!

Until Later…


8 thoughts on “Freedom of Speech Rant

  1. Free speech doesn’t exist it probably never did. Especially now and it gets worse year by year.
    In the TV era people complained instead of changing the channel.
    In the social media era, all it takes is one idiot, or not even, just someone who gets offended (an entirely subjective thing of course) by one comment and bang! They lose their shit and its all over the news or jamming a feed.

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  2. (((HUG))) As was said above freedom of speech never really existed and is even less today when they block you for the least presumed incursion. I am sorry you experienced this. I, for one, enjoyed your foray into erotica. You were refining your technique and showed great promise.


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