Who Would Win, Superman or Supergirl


I took off early today and see what I’m doing, writing a blog about Super Heroes, ugh, slow day huh? Before we get started, let me point out that YES, I DO know that Super Girl is the cousin of Superman and that they basically have the same super powers, or DO they?

I believe that in this scenario, what it actually boils down to is sheer experience VS ingenuity, in other words, man VS woman. Personally, I would have to go with Super Girl because, well, she’s a woman. Everyone knows that women have superior thinking skills that men only HOPE to have. Plus, as a species, we are much more devious.

Now, you don’t have to agree with me here, as Superman IS a man, and is probably stronger and certainly has more experience. I just believe that Super Girl, as a woman, has the cunningness to outwit him in an all-out battle of the Super Powers.

Look, I realize that this blog is not going to solve all the problems of the world, or cure any major diseases, it’s just for fun, so HAVE some fun damn it! What are YOUR thoughts here? I’m curious, what do you think?



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