The Encounter–Adult Material–

Dateline: 2006

Hawaii, what a beautiful state, I was there for a vacation, and the Dr. ordered just the right spot.  It was sunny and warm, yet not TOO warm, as the cool, tropical trade winds blew across my long red hair and my sexy pink bikini. A Maitai in one hand, and a romance novel in the other, these were the only things I needed, as I Iayed by the pool of the Hawaiian Hilton, just watching the world go by.

I had already been there two days when I got a phone call. Hesitating, I answered the phone, and sure enough, it was a business associate who needed a favor. It seems that he had a client who lived in Hawaii, she had questions about her account, and she wanted him to meet with her. It was a large account, so naturally since I was already there; he asked if I would satisfy the client’s needs and concerns. What was I to do, say, no? I told him I would, and he gave me her phone number and address. I went back to my drinking until I awoke at nightfall. Stumbling back to my room, I decided that I would meet with Bob’s client tomorrow as I fell into bed, and passed out.

The next morning, after my morning hangover remedy, (Vodka and Cranberry juice), I called Bob’s client, Killani, and set up a dinner meeting with her. We were to meet at the Waikiki Beach Walk for dinner and drinks to discuss her concerns.
It was already 8:20, and I was three drinks in before she showed. From across the club, I saw her, she was dressed in a HOT low cut blue dress with white markings, and long hanging- down diamond earrings, with a necklace to match. She could have been a model with that 32 year old body, and I must admit, I wanted her.
I introduced myself to Killani took a seat and picked up a menu. Looking at her face, I couldn’t believe it, she was a vision of loveliness, tanned smooth skin, not a wrinkle nor a mark anywhere, she was a beauty and I wanted to touch that beautiful body all night long.
We ordered drinks and discussed her issues, as I sat there like a lovesick teenager, drooling at every word she spoke. I was in lust, and there was no doubt about it. I MUST sleep with this woman I thought, and then ordered more drinks.
The music started playing, and sensing the drinks had hit her, I asked if she would like to dance? Shyly, she accepted and off we went dancing the night away. It was 2:00 AM before the manager tapped me on the shoulder and suggested in his politest tone, that he would like to start closing up now.

Killani was drunk now, and when I asked if she would like to go back to my place for a nightcap, there was no hesitation. I half carried her to my suite while listening to her sing “Tiny Bubbles” all the way, THIS, was gonna be fun.
Once inside, Killani leaned in, and kissed me full on the lips. God, the taste of the booze, plus the perfume she was wearing was driving me insane. I sat her in a chair while I changed into something a little sexier. I changed into a pretty pink bra with matching panties, easy to take off of course.


She saw me in my attire and said come here Sooz. Pouring another strong drink for the two of us, I had her sit in my lap while we necked like teenagers. After a minute, she looked me in the eye, laughed heartily, and then began to pee. “Sorry”, she said, as her hot urine ran down in my lap. “No prob”, I replied, and returned to kissing her.
I suggested we go to the bedroom to continue our night of lust, and she drunkenly agreed. We both staggered to the bedroom where I disrobed her, and once again fell in love with her beautiful tits. Her boobs were like cantaloupes, soft to the touch as I started to softly kiss them. She held mine in her hands as I started sucking her nipples, one, and then the other. In response, she started moaning and put three fingers under my panties and started feeling my urine filled crotch.
Taking the back of my hand, I slowly felt her all the way down to her pee soaked pussy. I NEEDED her succulent twat now as my head went between her wide spread legs, and I started to lick. Urine smelling pussy or not, she was MINE and like a woman MAD from desire, I didn’t care. I squeezed her small ass while I ravenously ate her, all the way up, and then back down her slit. I licked her swollen clit until I could hear her moaning louder and louder. Filling her mound with my tongue, deeper and deeper I went, in, then out, then side to side as she could no longer contain her wanton pleasure. She SQUIRTED all of her Cum in my mouth, and I drank willingly.
She turned, and went down on MY pussy now. Her little tongue glided over my soaked cunt, knowing JUST the right spots to lick, and when to back off. I must have Cum in about 30 seconds as I arched my back, and screamed out into the night with pleasure. Drunk, Satisfied, and breathless, we both fell into a deep sleep. Arm and arm we slept until the morning light woke us.

 With no regrets, I watched as she dressed, and then lightly kissed me before leaving. As the door slowly closed behind her, I heard her say, “Are you SURE Bob has to handle my account”? I laughed and went to my bar to pour a drink.


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