Is it Easier to Kill an Idea, or a Mockingbird

500 Questions Season 3 Confirmed? Show’s High Ratings, Format Packages Appeal

Hmmmmmmm…I’ve given this some careful thought about this and I’ve decided, “Really, Who Cares?” What I’ve really come here today to you talk about is…Gum Disease, No I didn’t, I came to talk about 500 Questions from TV.

For those of you who don’t know, this was a TV quiz show asking only “geniuses” a multitude of questions. The show’s premise is to see if ANYONE can answer 500 questions.

It turns out that since the show was on, (One week), NOBODY did it. My question is, why just one week, I mean it pulled me in to see how many questions I could answer. By the way, I was answering around 80% of the supposed Einstein questions on the show. Why not at least have the show on for at LEAST a season?

I personally believe the longer the show runs, then the Network can make even more money in sponsorship. Sometimes I just don’t understand the Moguls at the Network… I guess that’s why I’ve never had any interest in investing in them…

Wake up Networks…This genius wants to see more…

Until Later…

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