Where The Hell Has Sooz Been


To answer the above question, I have been selling my firm to 10 of my business associates. Deal is finally closed, and so now I am among the unemployed. I gave them a great deal, they are very good workers and will carry on the business just as I did.

I am happy, but also sad because it closes a very successful part of my life. Now I must gather my wits together, and find a place to live off campus. Lots to do and really not that much time left to do it in.Β 

A new adventure though, and one that ultimately, I am very much looking forward to. Right now I am exhausted from all the dealings, but it’s finally over now. The next time I’ll be employed again, I will be a full fledged Psychologist. I am really looking forward to it.

Fingers crossed, but legs always open…Hehehehehehehehe….

Until Later…




9 thoughts on “Where The Hell Has Sooz Been

  1. I am thrilled to bits that the deal is done and that you can look forward to your new venture Sooz. If I ever need a psychologist I will know where to come …. probably πŸ˜‰ lol ❀

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