I Must Speak Out


I can stand it no more, Donald Trump must GO!!! Usually I don’t get involved in political rhetoric because, well, that’s what is is, “Dribbling at the mouth”.  However, when you say such things as, Things could have gone quite differently if the people at the club were armed, that in my opinion is just showing your stupidity.

Look, I believe in the Constitution, but is “The Donald” really saying that we should go back 100 years to the gun toting days of the old west? Come ON Trump.

Certainly everybody is entitled to his/her opinions, but, when it comes to turning our backs on civilization and strappin’ on our guns, where does it end? Should there have been armed guards at the door, or metal detectors, maybe, but to just strap on a gun is just plain ludicrous.

Terrorism CAN NOT be tolerated. We must make an example of ISIS and show them the Tiger’s teeth of a STRONG nation. NO MORE messing around, EVERY life is precious, senseless loss is just unforgivable. We must be strong in our resolve, vigilant in our everyday lives, and stop terrorism BEFORE it occurs.

Perhaps we need to learn different tactics in order to thwart these deadly attacks. I am NOT a candidate, otherwise I would give you MY views on how to stop these heinous acts, but I’ll leave THAT to our new Presidential candidates, God help them.

Just let me say that my prayers and thoughts go out to all the victims and their families. May these poor souls rest in peace, and May God’s light shine upon them…

God Bless America…

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