Just Ask Sooz

Dear Sooz:

I am a lonely gal. I say this not because I am bad to look at, or have never interacted with a man before,  I “am” in love with my sister’s boyfriend.

You see Sooz, I am 17 and my sister is 18, we have always had a competitive relationship, I got the brains, and she got the looks. Many a time I would have a boyfriend and my sister would just step in, swing that beautiful blond hair of hers, and boom, the next thing you know, he was hers.

I don’t get it, why do all the beautiful girls get handed practically anything they want, when the ones who “will” run the world have to work like Hell or it? It just isn’t fair.

Anyway, she has had a guy now for the last 6 months who I absolutely adore. He is smart, good looking, and a real fun loving guy. I just stare and drool at him when he comes over like a love sick puppy.

Should I tell him how I feel, or should I just squash this feeling and move on to someone else?

Lizzy in a Tizzy


Dear Lilly in a Tizzy:

As much as I and every OTHER woman out there want you to spill your guts to him, I don’t think it’s a good idea. She IS still your sister, and these teenage romances won’t last, your family relationship will last a lifetime.

Be happy for your sister, move on and find someone who is better suited for you. You seem like a smart woman, use the skills and gifts that you were given, and the same goes with your sister. Good Luck.


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