A Little Request From Sooz

Grant Winner

Tricia Davidson

Union Pleasant Elementary School

Hamburg, NY

Hi folks, it’s Sooz and I have a favor to ask of you all. A friend of mine, a teacher at Union Pleasant School in Hamburg, NY, has written me to ask me to vote for her for a Federal Grant that she could receive for her classroom. Several teachers around the  country are up for this 2500 grant for their classrooms.

I would ask you all to help her win this grant by voting for her. You can vote once each day until the end of June. Here is what to do, I did it and it takes less than a minute. Click on this link, then press vote in the 2500.00 category. Once you do this, a screen will come up that says search for a proposal. Type in the last name Davidson.

Tricia Davidson’s name will pop up. Click on the picture and then enter your e-mail. Vote, and then go to your e-mail and click on the confirmation ink. This will cast your vote. Your support is ALWAYS appreciated. Thank you so much in advance. If you know anyone else who would want to vote also, feel free to advise them.


As always, and Thank you


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