National Skate Day

In keeping with some of the crazier things folks celebrate Nationally, TODAY, is National Skate Day. It IS, Seriously, I looked it up. Although I must admit, primarily it is to celebrate skateboards and their riders.

I will say though, even though I am NOT a skateboarder, yeah, I know, hard to believe, I DO enjoy roller blading. Yup, many an early morn old Sooz will be up and skating around the city before the heat gets too oppressive.

I just never could figure out how to ride those skateboards. I DID try once when I was about 14, although at that time, I do believe I had more than a couple pops in me, and to my chagrin, I fell and cut up my knees. In case you were wondering, I DIDN’T have knee braces on, nor did I have a helmet. I guess when your drunk and 14, you didn’t need to wear all that protective stuff, after-all, I was invincible, or so I thought.

Never again did I dare to operate the likes of a skateboard. Oh well, I will just go out and do some roller blading, so Oooow!!! I hope you can all get out and celebrate this great ay with me. I’ll be thinkin’ of ya.

2 thoughts on “National Skate Day

  1. First time I tried out a skateboard it was a nice quick trip to the hospital for a broken ankle since I believed with all my heart I could do some weird ass flip after my first try. Last time Btw I ever approached the darn things again, a promise I’ve kept for 30 years now 😆

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