The Fourth of July Holiday in America

Welcome everyone to the Fourth of July, the day where too many hot dogs are eaten, people drink waaaaaaaaaay over the amount they should, and kids and dogs are howling at the scary fireworks banging above their heads.

It’s interesting, because in MY neighborhood, dogs are singing all night at the top of their lungs in celebration of our Nations Holiday. OK, let’s be honest here, they are really singing and barking because they are scared to death of the banging and fire that is exploding in the sky, but hey, I’m going with the FIRST line.

Most of us will either be at a baseball game watching our favorite teams, eating hot dogs galore at ridiculous prices, and eating ice cream and beer until we puke. Others, will be at picnics with their families enjoying the day with games, of course hots dogs, beer, and ice cream, again, eating and drinking till they puke. Well, that’s the FUN of it, isn’t it???

Some of us will just be at home in the air conditioning, eating and drinking until we puke, hmmmmm, seems to be a common theme here huh? Well, what EVER you plan on doing, have a good time eat, drink, and of course PUKE. You’ll have had a good time, and can prove it by your over-spillage. 😉

Have a great Fourth of July Everyone!!!!




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