Ten Things Women Should NOT do When Drunk

drunk-woman blacking out

Propose Marriage—This act should ONLY be done sober as even IT only works out around a 50% of the time. When drunk, stick to kissing heavily, breast and cock feeling, and perhaps a one or four night stand using the proper protective techniques.

Ask Another Drunk for the Time—This behavior results in not ONLY getting the incorrect time, but can also be the start for a drunken marriage proposal, as the two of them FINALLY figure out the time

Sing-It’s Raining Men—This usually gets ALL the drunks singing and taking off articles of clothing it’s a SURE thing. This is OK for the women with great bodies and men who MAY be Adonis’s, however, this is only about one in the entire place. Put it back, sir, NO ONE wants to see THAT!!

Start a Conga Line—OK, look; this is fun at a wedding, but in the middle of Time’s Square on New Year’s Eve with NAKED bodies…..Ahhhh NO!!! Hey, it DID happen dammit, I was THERE!!! Shush…THAT memory needs to be forgotten. DAMM those pictures!!!!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…

Betting the Entire Bar 50.00 bucks you can Have an Orgasm in LESS Than 1Min, Then, have everyone try and PROVE it!!! God that was a FUN night…I think???

Never Bet you can Out Drink a Wrestler—I have found that professional wrestlers can drink you under the table and then wrestle you once you are UNDER the table. Ya gotta LOVE wrestlers…

Call a Woman a Whore, and then take her home and sleep with her. OK, I have had BAD experiences with this just sayin’.

Never Go Home With a Stranger—Talk to him, touch him, fuck him in his car first, THEN go home with him. After all THAT, he is no longer a stranger.

Never Give a Blowjob to Anyone who Eats Nachos With Beer—OMG, it is the WORST tasting Semen EVER!!! You can remember this if you are sober also.

OK, you MAY have noticed that they’re only 9 things here. If you DID, keep drinking, and after a while there will SEEM like many more. Hope you enjoyed these.





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