Just Ask Sooz

Dear Sooz:

My neighbor has a very yippee dog who just won’t stop barking. It happens to be a Shih Tsu and it has a very shrill yip to it. Not only that, but my neighbor walks her onto my grass and somehow it always seems to do its business in my yard. The other day I picked it up as usual, but this time, I threw it back into her yard. I realize that was childish, but I have had it with that dog.

I have spoken to her about this problem and all she says is, “What do you want me to do about it, duct tape her mouth?” I said I don’t know but it’s driving me crazy. My husband says he might just take a piece of meat and poison it the next time she yips, but that will just land him in jail if they find out.

Do you have any suggestions on how to handle this without getting into a range war?

Yippee Kaiya Mother*&#^&$


Dear Yippee Kaiya Mother*#^&$

First of all, DON’T let your husband do anything that would put you guys at risk for animal abuse. They carry fines up to 2000.00 and would cause your neighbor to possibly retaliate later.

If you are that concerned with the barking, ask your neighbor if she would take her animal to dog obedience school on YOUR dime. While I realize your neighbor should pay for it, she sounds like the type who just doesn’t give a damn and so she can’t balk at that idea. Dog training can be VERY helpful and SHOULD help to solve your annoyance.

Also, if it is after 10PM at night and the dog is STILL yipping, call the cops, maybe after a visit or two she will get the idea and shut her dog up. Good luck.




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