You Know You’re a Hoarder When…

You wake up and take a shower…In the kitchen sink.

You can’t decide WHICH pair of your 200 pairs of shoes you should search for to wear today.

It takes you 35 minutes to get from your bed to your bedroom door.

You search for an hour trying to find the cat food for your 27 cats.

You can use your cat’s feces to spread manure onto your neighbors 200 acre farm.

You can’t decide whether to find your TV or try and get to your front door today.

You think the people with hazard masks are just coming to VISIT you.

You’re not SURE, but you THINK you had a dog in here somewhere.

Your neighbors send you a letter threatening to BURN your house down.

You can’t find your toilet so you use an empty Maxwell Coffee can.


**If you have any of these symptoms, either call a Psychiatrist, or a dumpster.**





5 thoughts on “You Know You’re a Hoarder When…

  1. You know your a hoarder when you have 200 shoes but wear the same pair every day. The rest where “rescued”

    When people come to your house to give you gifts, thinking your house is the transfer station for the city dump

    When the rats call you up on the phone to book their next convention because of the unlimited buffet they can have.

    When ‘Search and Rescue’ teams come to your house and find you so they can have the practice.

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