Just Ask Sooz


Dear Sooz:

Last summer, my husband of 12 years left me for another woman. Recently, he messaged me on Facebook wanting to get back together with me. Evidently his floozy girlfriend left him for another younger, better looking man.

We did have some good times, but also some bad times Sooz, and I am afraid to re-enter that relationship again. Is it true, once a philanderer always a philanderer? I just hate to make the wrong move here, I am so confused. I could really use your help.



Dear Confused:

I certainly understand your concern with this. It really depends on how much you BOTH want to rekindle your relationship. Can he change, I don’t know. What I would recommend is to get COUPLES therapy. Iron out the old problems and THEN try and pick up your relationship.

I wouldn’t just rush into anything as this could be a recipe for disaster once again. Find out about what makes BOTH of you tick first, and then renter the relationship if you both feel you can make it work.

Personally, I am a skeptic, but then again, I am also a romantic, so I sincerely wish you two the best if that’s what you want. Good Luck.



3 thoughts on “Just Ask Sooz

  1. I would say bye bye to that man, if he left you for someone else once he doesn’t deserve you. And coming back after he’s tryout with a new lady back fires, oh hell no. That’s not respect.

    You go girl and get yourself a new man who will respect you and love you.

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