Democrats and Republicans—This Year’s COMEDY OF ERRORS

Let me start out by saying that I am like Switzerland; I have no like, or dislike for ANY candidate, I dislike them BOTH, equally. As a result, I can be just as honest as I want. I am not tied by political referendum or rhetoric; I am an intelligent individual who wants only the BEST for our country.

Let’s be perfectly real here folks, Trump is a self-appointed windbag who likes to hear himself talk, and Hilary is just well, a plain out liar. Let’s see, WHO do we want to be our President, a self-absorbed, woman hating, narcissist, or a woman who has been in the political ring for so long now, she wouldn’t know the truth if it was handed to her in a Bible.

That’s why THIS year; I am casting my write in vote for Mickey Mouse. Mickey is a personal friend of mine from the Disney studio and I believe he is the best candidate for this difficult job.

Think about it, has Mickey ever lied to you…NO… Has he ever spoken unkindly about women or the goals they stand for …NO…Is he a political figure or a money hungry mouse…NO… Would he treat us all with respect and dignity…YES…?

Then the choice as I see it is clear, vote for the mouse for President. Just write his name in on the ballot. It’s simple to easy, and let’s face it; he IS the best mouse for the job. Just think about it, others would be flabbergasted, they would have no previous knowledge of any of his political convictions. Putin, especially, would be TOTALLY in the dark and wouldn’t know how to address him. I love it!!!

Think about it, if you really search your soul, you will agree with what I have said. Let’s elect someone who can not only do the job, but who WANTS to change our lives for the better…GO MICKEY MOUSE!!!!




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