President Obama Eats Only 7 Almonds…WHAT???

Seriously????? Who the #&*^ cares? This was actually a newspaper article showing how President Obama is not a snack junkie at night while reading over briefings in the Treaty Room, or watching sports on TV.

The thing is, he only eats 7 Almonds, not 6 Almonds or 8 Almonds, just 7. While I’m sure this is a good snack as opposed to say, potato chips or Doritos, do WE as a nation REALLY give 2 damns about what the Hell the President of the United States eats? I DON’T!!!!

Sure, sure, he is a very healthy guy, good, but why should WE care about what the HELL he eats? I actually couldn’t believe this when I read it. It must have been a VERY slow news day if they considered THIS a good story.

Oh, wait GREAT news… In his convention speech, President Obama HIMSELF debunked the statement by saying that sometimes he really doesn’t COUNT the Almonds he eats. Now THAT’S a REAL American telling the truth.

I am GLAD that after many sleepless nights about this concern, he finally did the right thing and confessed to the entire Nation that he does screw up occasionally and eat that 8TH. Almond.

No worries here Mr. President, go ahead and eat the ENTIRE bag of nuts if you want to, the important this is…Your Conscience is Clean now.



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