Is Technology Good, Bad, or Just a Necessary Evil

Over the past 100 years we have seen a DRAMATIC increase in technology. My question is, is it all good? Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that things like the airplane, medical technology, and flying to the moon are not amazing wonders of our scientific age, I am just wondering where we are going, and could we push BEYOND the stage of helpful?

Less than 40 years ago, back in 1970, the video game Pong was invented which changed how children spent their free time forever. Less and less did we see our children playing  outside in the sunshine, games like hide and seek, basketball, baseball, and other healthy games that stimulated their bodies with much needed exercise were forgotten.

Today, we see children coming home from school and immediately going to their TV’S to play video games for hours on end. If you ask them to go “OUTSIDE” and play, it’s like asking them if they would mind cutting off one of their hands.

Is this HEALTHY? Are we going to wind up becoming a world of wide eyed robots glued to our technology pads? Seriously, “THIS” worries me.

Once, brilliant minds designed nuclear energy to HELP the planet by harnessing its power for GOOD. Today, while some of it is used for that intent, MOST of its use is designed for nuclear missiles and total destruction of the planet.

The OTHER thing that worries me is that we are teaching our machines HOW to think. This is no longer science fiction, but TODAY’S reality. Will we become SO technologically advanced that our MACHINES will do ALL our thinking?

This is frightening. Just think, one day, a MACHINE might decide if we should go to war and press the DESTRUCT button for our planet. This is IN the realm of possibility my friends, what should we DO about it IF anything? Let me know what YOU think about these things.

Should we continue on with the swift advancement of technology, or she we stop and think about WHERE it can be used for good, and IF it has the potential for destruction of our way of life. The choice is OURS….


Food For Thought

I have reviewed some of my blogs today and I must tell you, I am appalled at what I have written lately. There was absolutely NOTHING of value there at all. WOW!!!

I’m going to have to write something of substance before I am thought to be just a stupid Redhead who drinks too much and only writes about sex and other lascivious matters.

I must remind you all that I DO have a brain, SOMEWHERE??? No, it is NOT up my ass!!! OK, here we go with something tasteful and interesting.

I saw a news story in Time today about a Rochester girl, Brittanee Drexel, who has been missing since 2009 while on Spring break. The 17 year old girl disappeared while enjoying her time off from school in Myrtle Beach and was never heard from again.

The FBI now believes a prison inmate who was present when the teenage girl was killed, said she was raped, shot, and then left in a pit with alligators to eat her remains. To date, her body or any other clues have still not been discovered.

Now I ask you, what kind of person DOES this to another Human being? This is just beyond the scope of ANY Human decency. I sincerely hope that the FBI, DOES confirm this inmate’s story, and can find the perpetrator who has committed this heinous crime.

While I don’t condone the death penalty, in THIS case, I would be at the prison cheering for the most painful way to kill the heartless Human being who committed this crime. In this case, “An Eye For an Eye” I say…

Today I’m Feelin’ Sexy


That’s right folks, I am feelin’ HOT and Sexy, and it’s not even Tuesday. I woke up this mornin’, put my fingers on my breasts and just let the world go by.


I’m sure you will excuse the brevity of this piece, there is something I need to take care of. Talk to you all later.

Question For Today

A few years back when I had my first condo this actually happened to me. Although I am embarrassed to admit this, I took the low road on this one. 😦

Question For the Day:

For months you notice that your electric bills have been amazingly low. Later, you find out that your washer and dryer outlets are hooked up to your neighbor’s system rather than your own.

Do you tell your neighbor,or keep enjoying the low bills?

I still feel guilty about not saying anything, but hey, I didn’t make the mistake. How would you have reacted?

Just Ask Sooz

Dear Sooz:

 I need your help. Usually, my husband is a red hot chili pepper in the bedroom. He does all kinds of kinky and normal moves that are great, and they wear me out. I could never say he is boring in the bedroom.

Recently, however, he has become somewhat resistant to make love and I am wondering if he is having an affair. I love my husband Sooz, he is handsome and sexy and I don’t want to lose him.

I am kind of afraid to question him as he is Latin and has a very quick temper when annoyed. What would you suggest I do to get my sexy Latin lover back again?

Needs Tender Loving Touch


Dear Needs Tender Loving Touch:

Don’t question him about it unless there are OTHER telltale signs:

  1. Credit card receipts with unusual expenses
  2. Perfume smell on his clothes
  3. Late night working more than usual
  4. Change in his usual demeanor
  5. Hiding his phone or adding a password on his computer
  6. Lack of interest in sex

If you notice two or three of these I would definitely confront him about it. You could always hire a private eye, but they’re expensive and would be the last thing I would do.

Follow him on one of his “late” nights, see where he goes, and then you will be able to tell if he is a bad boy or not; UNLESS of course he is dating somebody AT is work.

I really don’t know much about him except what you have described. It COULD be the poor guy is stressed out about something or has other pressing problems he is not sharing with you.

Ask him how he has been feeling, is he stressed, is there something you can help him with? Tell him you are his teammate and you want to help him anyway you can. This might just do the trick.

I sincerely hope you can work this out without finding that he is having an affair. Good luck.




Heaven and Hell



Oh Heavens gate,  may I lay upon thy pillowed clouds, and delight in serenity’s peace.

Let there be sweet repose for my resting soul, and harmony for a troubled mind.

For this shall be my eternity, earned through a shady past, yet forgiven by a merciful God.

It has been said, “Be thou at peace, and rejoice in Heavens glory, now and forever.”



Suffer now the consequences of life’s peril.

Be thee engulfed by the ever burning fires of Gehenna.

Feel the flames scorch and burn thy troubled soul,

And forever remember the misgivings that have caused thee this eternal suffering.

Rambling Thoughts

I met a beggar along the side of a road today and it made me stop and examine my life. Here was a man who claimed to be college educated, once having a family, and now, he sits on the street in a worn out suit begging for money to eat/drink.

After giving him a 20.00 dollar bill, I asked him how he arrived at this point. In a somewhat drunken voice he said that he had started drinking while working for a high tech firm, and that the day to day pressures caused him to drink.

He claimed he was once married with 4 children, had a house, and lost it all to the drink. When asked if he wanted me to take him to a shelter, he looked up at me with sad drunken eyes, and  said, “Lady if I could start all over gain I would, but it’s just too late.”

I left and continued on my way, but I have never forgotten his words. I thought to myself, 2 years ago, this could have been ME had I not sought help. It could have been ME down in that street begging for handouts as the population just passed me by.

I realize that not all of the street beggars are alcoholics, some are junkies, and some are even mentally impaired. It just grinds away at me that Human beings who have started out like us all have sunk to this level of degradation.

Of course, there are shelters, clinics, etc. that can treat these folks, it’s just that MANY of them don’t WANT the help. It’s a shame really, as there are so many good and free programs available. My heart goes out to them as; once again, I realize that I too could have become them.

The next time you see a poor soul on the street, please dig into your wallet and give what you can, it may be providing them with enough sustenance (Sure, Booze too), to live another day. Please be kind and your life will be rewarded 10 fold. Thank you.




Just Ask Sooz

Dear Sooz:

I hate to even write this to you, but my husband has just fractured my last nerve. We have been married for 23 years, and for some unknown reason, I have to repeat things over and over to him.

When we were dating, he was very attentive and seemed to hear and understand exactly what I was saying. What I want to know is what the hell happened?

In actuality, he does hear me, he either disregards what I say, or immediately forgets. I really don’t know how this is possible; it’s as if he has selective hearing ability. For example, if I ask if he wants a beer, he is all over that. He seems to have 20/20 hearing. If, on the other hand, I ask him to take me to dinner the following evening, all I get is a little grunt and then it’s forgotten.

What can I do to help clear up his selective hearing, it is driving me nuts?

Hearing Aid or Head Slap


Dear Hearing Aid or Head Slap:

Set him down when it is quiet sometime without THE TV on, and explain to him how it makes you feel when he does that to you. Explain that for YOU, you feel he is dismissing you, and THAT makes YOU feel like you are his slave, NOT a wife.

If he truly understands what he is doing when he pulls that groan sound, hopefully he will be more considerate in the future and listen to what you have to say.

Now, on the other hand, if all you do is NAG him when you speak to him, THEN I can understand. Try and lay off the nagging, and talk to him about things that are important to you AND him. I feel if you do this he will start becoming a lot better listener. Good luck…




School Time

Dear Friends:

It’s been a while since I have been on, and I’ll tell ya why, getting ready for school. I’m having a friend stay at my place, and I am currently in sunny Californ I A, moving some stuff into my apartment near school.

Excited is not the word when it comes to starting school. God, I feel like a teenage girl again, just waiting’ to have some cute young thing carry my books, or sleeping with my favorite cute professor, ahhhh, College life.

I’m sure I am over glamorizing everything as there will be courses to study, tests to be taken, and pulling all-nighters once again, only THIS time, NOT in a bar.

Hey, who knows, maybe I will meet the love of my life there and he/she will get married and walk hand and hand into the sunset. It COULD happen!???! Then, there will be the cute study groups; I DO look forward to those. Maybe I’ll even join a Sorority, hehehehehehehe, Delta-Epsilon-Bravo-Tango, or SOMETHING like that.

I might even try out for the cheerleading team, I won’t be as young as my cohorts, but my Hoo Ha can outshine ‘em all. Rah Rah—Bla Bla Bla, Go team WIN!!!

Can’t wait to go to the first college mixer either, I think they have a get acquainted night, I am SURE I will get very well acquainted with many, WINK!!!

OK, gotta go now, LOTS to do and very little time to do it. I will talk to all of you gain soon. Love to all.