Just Ask Sooz


Dear Sooz:

I am writing you today because I am at the end of my rope. My husband served in Afghanistan and was killed by an IED a few years ago. At first, I was in shock, and the grief didn’t have time to sink in yet.

Immediately after the burial, a wall of sadness hit me hard and has remained with me until today. I have gone to my parish minister for help but as much as he tries, it still hasn’t helped to relieve my pain.

I just don’t even feel like getting up in the morning. I feel alone and hopeless. I am just moving on from day to day, and drinking myself to sleep at night. You are my last link, please help me.

Sad Sack


Dear Sad Sack:

First, let me say how sorry I am for your loss. I also want to say that your husband died a HERO and I support his choice to defend this fine country. As for you, everyone deals with grief in their own way. You “Seem” to be in a state of major depression.

The first thing I would have you do is to see your own Dr. Perhaps in the short time, he/she can prescribe something to take the edge of your depression if that’s what he diagnoses.

Secondly, I am sending you a few support group pamphlets with other folks in your situation. Many times just talking with others about THEIR grief makes YOU feel better. I would definitely recommend this for you.

The other thing I would recommend is to get up relatively early, say 7 or 8AM and plan your day the night before. If you like looking at Art Galleries, then do that, shopping, Work, etc., just get OUT and DO something. This should help take your mind off your grief.

Time will eventually heal your wound, but for now, you must try and help yourself. Good luck.







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