Why Do We HAVE the Olympics


I realize the Olympics have been around since 776 BC, but they were playing for a religious reason, to honor the gods of Olympus. Today, let’s be honest, we are playing for the almighty BUCK!!!

Seriously, think about it, the USA is DOMINATING the Olympics by almost 22+ goals…Hello, doesn’t this piss off the other countries who have been working just as hard if not harder than the USA to win those gold medals?

Is it REALLY for brotherhood and acceptance of other countries, cultures and ideologies…NO!!! Is it about the ALMIGHTY Buck…Yes!!! Should it BE about the ALMIGHTY Buck…NO!!!

Now, does that mean I don’t like the Olympics, no, I just believe that it should become a show-off game for the USA, and THAT my friends, pisses me off. Since everybody playing in the games are now professional athletes, they should get PAID accordingly, at least THEN, if they don’t medal, they still come away with a paycheck, something of recognition for their sacrifice.

Most all the BUCKS go to the networks, and sponsors for setting them up, the players get BUPKIS!!! I ask you, does THIS seem fair? Every other greedy finger is greased EXCEPT the players.

I’ll tell you what, if I was a pretty and skilled half naked volleyball gal or perhaps Bad mitten cutie, I would DEMAND to be paid. Hell, if there is a possibility I am NOT going to get the gold, I at least want a piece of the pie for playing. Hey, that’s fair.

Ever wonder why you have never seen ME showin’ my tits or ass, no bucks, no peaky. Oh yeah, PLUS, I have no skills for the Olympics. Oh well, I guess I’ll just shut up now and turn on the tube, boxing is on…

Have a good one everyone…


6 thoughts on “Why Do We HAVE the Olympics

  1. I agree with you Sooz. The Olympics is all about money, but it’s also about sharing nice things like the Zika Virus. The whole world will have it when the athletes go home. And it also teaches us how not to get caught doping ones Speedos. lol 🙂 ❤

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  2. Olympics are totally about revenue. Just hosting it is like a big fuck you to everyone else until the hype dies down and they realise they built a gazillion stadiums for 3 weeks…
    Olympics is meant to be amateur, but every athlete is funded by their governing body, and then there are endorsements etc plus bonuses.

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