School Time

Dear Friends:

It’s been a while since I have been on, and I’ll tell ya why, getting ready for school. I’m having a friend stay at my place, and I am currently in sunny Californ I A, moving some stuff into my apartment near school.

Excited is not the word when it comes to starting school. God, I feel like a teenage girl again, just waiting’ to have some cute young thing carry my books, or sleeping with my favorite cute professor, ahhhh, College life.

I’m sure I am over glamorizing everything as there will be courses to study, tests to be taken, and pulling all-nighters once again, only THIS time, NOT in a bar.

Hey, who knows, maybe I will meet the love of my life there and he/she will get married and walk hand and hand into the sunset. It COULD happen!???! Then, there will be the cute study groups; I DO look forward to those. Maybe I’ll even join a Sorority, hehehehehehehe, Delta-Epsilon-Bravo-Tango, or SOMETHING like that.

I might even try out for the cheerleading team, I won’t be as young as my cohorts, but my Hoo Ha can outshine ‘em all. Rah Rah—Bla Bla Bla, Go team WIN!!!

Can’t wait to go to the first college mixer either, I think they have a get acquainted night, I am SURE I will get very well acquainted with many, WINK!!!

OK, gotta go now, LOTS to do and very little time to do it. I will talk to all of you gain soon. Love to all.



4 thoughts on “School Time

  1. Or, the Frat Club called Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. ( Wheres The Food) ? – W.T.F. !
    What are U studying to be ? F.B.I. – Female Body Inspector ?
    Enjoy Baby .!.

    So, serious question. Etiquete, respect, however you want to describe it.
    I’m straight. One of my Bi Girlfriends knows a girl who never kissed another girl, nor had a threesome.
    She has expressed interest in doing so with us.
    We both want it to be as enjoyable for Her as possible.
    Any Ideas, Tips,etc. ? We have been asking around and doing some “reaserch”.
    We want Her to Love It .!.

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    • I am studying Psychology. Start off slow, light kissing, then touching. NO TONGUE please!!! Next, procede to gently feeling her nipples, one breast, and one a guy. GENTLY squeeze her nipples and then proceed with the back of your hands running them over her skin, including the backs of her legs.

      Make sure you have plenty of foreplay before entering her. Use your tongue, gently lick AROUND her clit and then down the rest of the way. make sure she is VERY excited. Someone should be gently kissing her all the while you play with her pussy.
      Good luck…


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