Just Ask Sooz

Dear Sooz:

I hate to even write this to you, but my husband has just fractured my last nerve. We have been married for 23 years, and for some unknown reason, I have to repeat things over and over to him.

When we were dating, he was very attentive and seemed to hear and understand exactly what I was saying. What I want to know is what the hell happened?

In actuality, he does hear me, he either disregards what I say, or immediately forgets. I really don’t know how this is possible; it’s as if he has selective hearing ability. For example, if I ask if he wants a beer, he is all over that. He seems to have 20/20 hearing. If, on the other hand, I ask him to take me to dinner the following evening, all I get is a little grunt and then it’s forgotten.

What can I do to help clear up his selective hearing, it is driving me nuts?

Hearing Aid or Head Slap


Dear Hearing Aid or Head Slap:

Set him down when it is quiet sometime without THE TV on, and explain to him how it makes you feel when he does that to you. Explain that for YOU, you feel he is dismissing you, and THAT makes YOU feel like you are his slave, NOT a wife.

If he truly understands what he is doing when he pulls that groan sound, hopefully he will be more considerate in the future and listen to what you have to say.

Now, on the other hand, if all you do is NAG him when you speak to him, THEN I can understand. Try and lay off the nagging, and talk to him about things that are important to you AND him. I feel if you do this he will start becoming a lot better listener. Good luck…




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