Just Ask Sooz

Dear Sooz:

 I need your help. Usually, my husband is a red hot chili pepper in the bedroom. He does all kinds of kinky and normal moves that are great, and they wear me out. I could never say he is boring in the bedroom.

Recently, however, he has become somewhat resistant to make love and I am wondering if he is having an affair. I love my husband Sooz, he is handsome and sexy and I don’t want to lose him.

I am kind of afraid to question him as he is Latin and has a very quick temper when annoyed. What would you suggest I do to get my sexy Latin lover back again?

Needs Tender Loving Touch


Dear Needs Tender Loving Touch:

Don’t question him about it unless there are OTHER telltale signs:

  1. Credit card receipts with unusual expenses
  2. Perfume smell on his clothes
  3. Late night working more than usual
  4. Change in his usual demeanor
  5. Hiding his phone or adding a password on his computer
  6. Lack of interest in sex

If you notice two or three of these I would definitely confront him about it. You could always hire a private eye, but they’re expensive and would be the last thing I would do.

Follow him on one of his “late” nights, see where he goes, and then you will be able to tell if he is a bad boy or not; UNLESS of course he is dating somebody AT is work.

I really don’t know much about him except what you have described. It COULD be the poor guy is stressed out about something or has other pressing problems he is not sharing with you.

Ask him how he has been feeling, is he stressed, is there something you can help him with? Tell him you are his teammate and you want to help him anyway you can. This might just do the trick.

I sincerely hope you can work this out without finding that he is having an affair. Good luck.




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