Food For Thought

I have reviewed some of my blogs today and I must tell you, I am appalled at what I have written lately. There was absolutely NOTHING of value there at all. WOW!!!

I’m going to have to write something of substance before I am thought to be just a stupid Redhead who drinks too much and only writes about sex and other lascivious matters.

I must remind you all that I DO have a brain, SOMEWHERE??? No, it is NOT up my ass!!! OK, here we go with something tasteful and interesting.

I saw a news story in Time today about a Rochester girl, Brittanee Drexel, who has been missing since 2009 while on Spring break. The 17 year old girl disappeared while enjoying her time off from school in Myrtle Beach and was never heard from again.

The FBI now believes a prison inmate who was present when the teenage girl was killed, said she was raped, shot, and then left in a pit with alligators to eat her remains. To date, her body or any other clues have still not been discovered.

Now I ask you, what kind of person DOES this to another Human being? This is just beyond the scope of ANY Human decency. I sincerely hope that the FBI, DOES confirm this inmate’s story, and can find the perpetrator who has committed this heinous crime.

While I don’t condone the death penalty, in THIS case, I would be at the prison cheering for the most painful way to kill the heartless Human being who committed this crime. In this case, “An Eye For an Eye” I say…

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