Is Technology Good, Bad, or Just a Necessary Evil

Over the past 100 years we have seen a DRAMATIC increase in technology. My question is, is it all good? Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that things like the airplane, medical technology, and flying to the moon are not amazing wonders of our scientific age, I am just wondering where we are going, and could we push BEYOND the stage of helpful?

Less than 40 years ago, back in 1970, the video game Pong was invented which changed how children spent their free time forever. Less and less did we see our children playing  outside in the sunshine, games like hide and seek, basketball, baseball, and other healthy games that stimulated their bodies with much needed exercise were forgotten.

Today, we see children coming home from school and immediately going to their TV’S to play video games for hours on end. If you ask them to go “OUTSIDE” and play, it’s like asking them if they would mind cutting off one of their hands.

Is this HEALTHY? Are we going to wind up becoming a world of wide eyed robots glued to our technology pads? Seriously, “THIS” worries me.

Once, brilliant minds designed nuclear energy to HELP the planet by harnessing its power for GOOD. Today, while some of it is used for that intent, MOST of its use is designed for nuclear missiles and total destruction of the planet.

The OTHER thing that worries me is that we are teaching our machines HOW to think. This is no longer science fiction, but TODAY’S reality. Will we become SO technologically advanced that our MACHINES will do ALL our thinking?

This is frightening. Just think, one day, a MACHINE might decide if we should go to war and press the DESTRUCT button for our planet. This is IN the realm of possibility my friends, what should we DO about it IF anything? Let me know what YOU think about these things.

Should we continue on with the swift advancement of technology, or she we stop and think about WHERE it can be used for good, and IF it has the potential for destruction of our way of life. The choice is OURS….


10 thoughts on “Is Technology Good, Bad, or Just a Necessary Evil

  1. Now I’m going to sound really old but as a kid I lived pretty much in the forest. Had an Commodore64 but I had to cycle 30 minutes to see my best friend who hopefully was at home since no mobile. We were out all the time, watching TV was not done often w only 2 channels. So yes I think technology has destroyed kids childhood a bit.

    On the other side, I can’t survive wo my mobile. 😆 so it’s both good and bad. As for slowing down the tech, to late…

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  2. Well, this post started off with a bang, didn’t it Sooz ? Without technology your family would still be trying to work out how to emigrate to an unknown New World and Donald Trump would be building the Mexican extension to the Great Wall of China (and China will pay for it 😉 ) 😉 ❤

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