School Time for Sooz

Hi everyone, I am writing in between classes and I thought I would give you an inside view of my new life. School has begun and I already have all of my books. Wow, speaking of books, I couldn’t believe the cost of text books these days. These Professors, get rich from their students BUYING their books alone, to say nothing about actually teaching the classes.

I am settling in well and have already gotten my first crush on one of the Profs. What a cutie she is…Blond hair, beautiful bod. and a killer smile…I can see I MAY need some EXTRA help in THAT class.

I am up at the crack of dawn; primping, and making myself beautiful, so everyone will fawn over me. Is that a BAD thing, hehehehehe??? OK, so what, I AM a little vein, but I want to look GOOD don’t I?

Anyway, I have a class at 8:00AM and another one at 10:AM, then I go a few hours before taking one at 1PM, and my last one is at 3PM. Tomorrow, I have one of my favorite classes, The Study of the Criminal Mind. I am really looking forward to this class, maybe I’ll learn some interesting material.

College life is a little weird for me being in my forties, they’re many students who that are in their late 20’s or early 30’s. Making friends, however, is NO problem. God, sometimes I feel like I could be their mother….NO CRACKS FROM THE PEANUT GALLERY PLEASE!!!!

Other than that, I am keeping a low profile, not going to the pubs, and dancing wildly on top of the tables naked…YET, anyway. I am being a “good girl”, studying hard, and working to get straight A’s. I wanna graduate Magna Cum Laude, and I can do it…Fingers crossed…

Until Later…


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