What Ever Happened to Flashing and Streaking

Hi everybody, let me just say this, I have been both a flasher AND a streaker. I know that must surprise most of you, but it’s true. When I was in college, the FIRST time, I would wait for the band to come out on the football field and then streak across like there was no tomorrow.

Was I ever caught, lets just say ONLY when I wanted to be. The same went for flashin’, at a concert or if I saw a really cute guy, I would give my coyesh smile and let him get a sneak preview of what COULD be.

Unfortunately, you don’t see that as often as you used to…Why? Nothin’ more excitin’ than a naked girl runnin’ in front of thousands of people, or givin’ a little flash to the gal/guy of your dreams.

First of all, let me ask YOU folks in the peanut gallery, would YOU like a little more excitement in your lives? I certainly would. I may just bring back my old college days again this football season, and maybe I’ll even do a flash or two. Look out you old Profs, Sooz is comin’.

Let’s “Bring Back the Fun to America Again”…Whose WITH me?




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