Why Do Men Like Our Boobs

For years I have been wondering just what it IS about our boobs that men like so much? Let’s be honest, all they are, are feeding machines for our little ones.

Oh sure, they can be used as an erogenous zone in lovemaking, but primarily, they are muscles used for feeding our young. Is it because they are beautiful pieces of art like in the Aphrodite, or perhaps more of a leftover response from our youth when we used to suckle the boobs of our moms to eat and get that comforting feeling?

I am at a loss here, someone please enlighten me. Almost every culture seems to worship our breasts and I really don’t understand why. Perhaps it is because of their extreme softness or the added bonus of our nipples, work with me here people, and help me understand.

For ME, it’s about cuddling between two fluffy pillows and the way they smell, but, that’s ME. Let me understand, why do YOU think they are so popular? Let me know.



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