Just Ask Sooz

Dear Sooz:

My wife and I are house flippers. We buy houses that need a lot of work, fix them up, and then resell them. Let me say that we are very successful doing this except for one thing, my wife Barb.

You see Barb. Is an interior decorator that helps me design the houses that we fix. The problem is, she has champagne tastes and wants to buy all the expensive cabinets, counters, and flooring tile when it can be done cheaper and look just as nice.

I keep telling, and harping on her that the expenses for these houses are coming out of my pocket and would she please take it easy on my wallet. Nothing seems to work.

I also have deadlines to meet with a timetable in the house, so the bank doesn’t keep taking mortgage payments out before I can sell them. The more that Barb. adds, the more time it takes to finish them shattering many a timetable. After Barb. gets done, they do look great, but I don’t believe they are making us the amount extra that we spent for their install.

I don’t want to kick her off the projects as we have a lot of bonding time together, I just don’t want to over improve the houses in the areas that we deal with.

Can you help me show her that a buck can be stretched, yet still have the house will look good for resale in the area? I could really use your help.

Frustrated Flipper


Dear Frustrated Flipper:

Once you get the taste for champagne, you always keep the taste of champagne. Either fire her and have her go to work with someone else, OR, keep your trap shut and keep making money. Sorry, there is no stopping a spinning top. Be glad you have the bonding time and enjoy what you do.






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