Flower in the Sun


For those of you who read poetry, but really don’t understand it, (Like ME for example), The flower is ,merely a metaphor for us Humans and the many needs and wants we desire.

The Sun represents our live when we are down and need a boost. The rain of course nurishes not only our bodies, but also our souls.

I hope you all enjoy this piece.


Below I sit, watching the sun’s rays, beating down upon my tiny body.

Pedals dried by the scorching sun, and my stem, withers in need of moisture’s touch.

Do not deny my life; but feed me with thy crying clouds,

Hear me, and let me soak up the essence of thy salvation.


Open the Heavens and soak me till I can stand no more.

If you heed my cry, I shall regain my posture, stand tall with pedals full, And Sing the praises of Natures virtue. 

I stand only because of you,                     

Bring forth thy rain and I shall respond in kind.


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