Brad and Angelina—Back Off Press

Yes, it’s true that Angelina –Jolie filed for divorce against her husband of two years Brad Pitt. Here’s the thing though folks, divorce is a sad thing and shouldn’t be a media circus.

If we’re honest, marriage is supposed to be an everlasting union, NOT a media event for everyone ELSE to whoop and holler, and carry on like it’s the biggest thing since French Toast and Maple Syrup.

Personally, I feel sorry for both of them. After all, they actually have been together for 14 years now, and have 6 kids to love and tend to. How in the HELL is the media frenzy gonna make that any easier.

Let’s face it, Brad is being hounded, Angelina is being hunted down like a wounded animal for comment, JUST so the “PEOPLE” can get their noses filled with what really happened in their marriage.

I say, leave them the HELL alone, and let THEM figure it out. In MY opinion, there should NOT be any “THRILL” in having two people who have loved each other for 14 years be tortured and hunted for comments.

Just because they are Hollywood Legends, does NOT give the press, the right to Enhance their pain that they are both going through. Leave them alone and let them sort out their OWN problems.

This is MY two cents worth.

Until Later…



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