If I Were but a Fan

While this seems like a lighthearted poem, it is really a metaphor for how we wish our lives could be. Does this sound like YOU?


If I were but a fan,

From high above, I’d fly.

To spin and whirl, and twist and swirl,

And to cool those who’re warm and dry.


If I were but a fan,

From a ceiling I’d look down.

To view the day, as children play,

Beneath my blades of brown.    


If I were but a fan,

I would comfort, cool and fly.

To pass the days, and be amazed,

As life just flows on by.


If I were but a fan,

No worries, have I, responsibilities not a one.

My life is Scott free, as I spin happily,

Just around and around having fun.












10 Reasons God Created Adam

1.   To look good for Eve in a leaf suit

2.   To have Eve help find his keys

3.   For Eve to have someone to bitch and complain to

4.   To take the garbage out for Eve

5.   To ptotect Eve from snakes–Whoops?!?

6.   There were NO Vibrators then…Enough said…

7.   For someone to dance with

8.   To help start the Human race–SOMEONE had to do it

9.   To help fix the Dino car when it broke down

10.  To help yell at kids


The Struggle


Oh ravaged wings of time,

Return me not to the trials and tribulations of demons past, but

Release me from the evils that play upon my mind.

Let my strength be my guide, and thy will, to be my sword.


While the fruit of nature’s poison tempts my very soul,

Let me be steadfast and true to my body’s innocence.

Guide me along the path of righteousness,

And release me from the evils of a bygone time.


Carry me upon thy wings,

And secure my spirit with thy grace.










What’s New With Sooz

Let’s see, what’s new with me? Well, today I am sober and just wrote a paper comparing and contrasting the differences between Freud and Carl Jung, interesting men really, both of them.

Each was great in his own way in contributing to the age of modern psychiatry. I am sure I aced this paper as both of these men hold a great interest for me.

Then, I went home and did homework, (reading mostly), for about 3 hours before having a little dinner at the local pub nearby. Nope, no alcohol for me, just an iced tea and a very nice meatloaf, mashed potatoes and gravy, with some bread and cranberry sauce. Yummy!!!

I met a couple people I knew from class, and we played darts. I kicked their asses and they bought me another iced tea. Nice people here, oh sure, some just wanna get into my pants, but THAT’s expected since I am a good lookin’ redhead around a bunch of oversexed youngsters.

If the truth be told, I am extremely flattered and hey, who knows, some night when I am in heat, I may just let them “take advantage of me”. Isn’t that the POINT of college?

I left the pub after a couple of hours, went home and did some more reading. I undressed, slipped into the bath, and then into some risqué lingerie to relax. There is nothing like sexy underwear to make you feel like a woman.

Since I love to read, I picked up a book by James Patterson-Filthy Rich, and read until I fell asleep. I got up, dragged my pretty little ass off to bed, and off to dreamland I went, waiting to start the day all over again tomorrow.

Nighty Night!!!





Random Thoughts


I have been thinking and drinking today, just looking back over my life, and I have found that when drunk, I can still function. Now, does this mean that I am just meant to be a drunk, or that it is OK for me to get wasted once in a while?

I must admit, I have gone to class drunk and no one even noticed. My average is still an A so my drinking has not seemed to affect my school work, so what’s the harm?

Drinking seems to slow, but focus my mind. Usually, I write better drunk than sober. I don’t know, I KNOW that I shouldn’t drink, one, because I’m an alcoholic, and two, because I get VERY horny and want to jump ANYONE in sight.

Still, I love the feeling and the relief it brings from the everyday pressures. Believe it or not, there are guys AND girls both who wish I would REMAIN drunk so they could take advantage of my induced lust.

Certainly I remember going through rehab and the pain it caused for a couple of weeks. That is something I certainly don’t wanna do again, but I feel like my control is slipping and that I am falling deeper and deeper into the hold of the demon spirit.

I have called my sponsor and that helps for a while, but I have found that the devil on my shoulder takes over, and I fall back into the dark pit of drunkenness once again.

I don’t know what to do. Once a drunk, always a drunk, or keep on fighting the temptations that are tearing my flesh apart. I can’t write anymore as I am slipping deeper and deeper into temptations lust. I will sign off for now and pick it up another time…


Drunk Again

It’s 2:30 in the afternoon, I’m drunk, and I NEED sex. That first drink really messed me up on that date with my professor. I KNEW I shouldn’t have imbibed, but as I said, beautiful women are my kryptonite. Damn…

Today, I had the taste, just like years ago, I NEEDED a drink or ten. I got up, went to the liquor store and bought me a bottle of Gray Goose Vodka and then, bought some cranberry juice.

Vodka and cranberry have always been my drink of choice, and as I mentioned, I had the need. The sensation of being relaxed, and not in control for a change, egged me on like a dog to a steak.

The first drink went down so smooth I immediately had to refill my glass until I am in the current state I am in. Am I PROUD of myself, NO, but as I said, I am NOT a saint and I needed to relax.

As per usual, when I drink to the point of intoxication, I NEED sex. Just to give you some insight, my pants are already off and I have been feeling my wet pussy with a vibrator.

Man I’m feelin’ good. I realize this blog is a little salacious, but I really could NOT help myself. If you’ll excuse me, I need to feel my tits with my other hand now so I can CUM.

Sorry if this offended anyone…I just love writing when I’m drunk… Bye for now…MUAH!!!!!



Sooz’s Confession

I screwed up. After a long time without a drop of alcohol, I went out with one of my professors, got drunk and slept with her. I didn’t mean to but it was a professor peer pressure thing.

I have told you that I have been ogling my professors, well, this time I was asked to stay after from class to go over one of my papers and she asked me out.

You must be thinking, is she married, and the answer is no. I must admit, my glands were working overtime like a teenage girl in heat. I hadn’t had sex with anyone since I started school and I was wet as a Texas storm.

Twice I thought about accepting her offer, but in my “condition”, good judgement was clouded my raging hormones. Politely, I accepted and met her at a nearby bar after school.

Before you criticize me, let me just say that WHY she is a college professor is beyond me. She has long blond hair, a face like Aphrodite, and a body that says “come hither, I’m yours. What the HELL was I supposed to do? She could easily have been a model or movie star, was I gonna turn THAT down, I think NOT?

We sat down, and she ordered drinks for BOTH of us. She mentioned that she was ordering a “special” drink and that I would love it. Did I have the will power to turn it down, NO; good looking women are my kryptonite.

She was intelligent, a great conversationalist, and kept placing her hand on my leg every chance she got. I was hooked, she ordered more and more drinks, and like a fool, I kept sucking them down. What the HELL was I doing?

The night went on like a perfect dream, both drunk; I asked her back to my place. We got in my door and I placed my lips on hers, and my hands on her breasts, and off came the clothes. She was a vision.

In the morning, I had two things, a horrific hangover, and a regret that I hadn’t felt in a long time. Would I ever see her again? My body immediately answered with a resounding yes, while my mind said no.

We parted ways and she said,”I’ll see you in class”, I made two resolutions that day:

  1. Don’t do anymore drinking
  2. Don’t sleep with anymore of my professors

Did I enjoy my night of carousing, sure, would I ever do it again, only time will tell?




School News from Sooz

Hi there everyone, it’s Sooz with an update on where the Hell I’ve been over the last couple of weeks or so. I am fully engaged in my new hobby, school.

My days are filled with many things, including classes, ogling Professors, carrying books on my back the size of New Jersey, and of course my once fun filled and sex crazed nights now spent in my home, studying my ass off.

Even though I still can’t see the end of the tunnel yet, I am happy and glad I made the switch from corporate life to the simple life of ACTUAL work. Now I am forced to make good grades so I can be better at analyzing people for a living.

The campus is absolutely beautiful, and of course my home is in a great location, close to food, sex, and entertainment. I have been asked to join two different sororities, but have turned both down as I am MYSELF a sorority.

I have found that the school work is very interesting, but also very challenging. It MAY have something to do with the fact that I am growing older, although, I refuse to accept that.

I have made several friends here and I have also become a sort of mother figure to others, go figure, ME a mother. I DO miss writing every day, however, as I have always loved writing.

Let it be known that I sincerely miss ALL of you, and think about you and your blogs all the time, SOMETIMES during class…Grrrrrr!!!! I shall try and write more often going forward, but there are NO guarantees on that one.

Please be good to each other and think about me every once in a while. My best to everyone.