School News from Sooz

Hi there everyone, it’s Sooz with an update on where the Hell I’ve been over the last couple of weeks or so. I am fully engaged in my new hobby, school.

My days are filled with many things, including classes, ogling Professors, carrying books on my back the size of New Jersey, and of course my once fun filled and sex crazed nights now spent in my home, studying my ass off.

Even though I still can’t see the end of the tunnel yet, I am happy and glad I made the switch from corporate life to the simple life of ACTUAL work. Now I am forced to make good grades so I can be better at analyzing people for a living.

The campus is absolutely beautiful, and of course my home is in a great location, close to food, sex, and entertainment. I have been asked to join two different sororities, but have turned both down as I am MYSELF a sorority.

I have found that the school work is very interesting, but also very challenging. It MAY have something to do with the fact that I am growing older, although, I refuse to accept that.

I have made several friends here and I have also become a sort of mother figure to others, go figure, ME a mother. I DO miss writing every day, however, as I have always loved writing.

Let it be known that I sincerely miss ALL of you, and think about you and your blogs all the time, SOMETIMES during class…Grrrrrr!!!! I shall try and write more often going forward, but there are NO guarantees on that one.

Please be good to each other and think about me every once in a while. My best to everyone.






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