What’s New With Sooz

Let’s see, what’s new with me? Well, today I am sober and just wrote a paper comparing and contrasting the differences between Freud and Carl Jung, interesting men really, both of them.

Each was great in his own way in contributing to the age of modern psychiatry. I am sure I aced this paper as both of these men hold a great interest for me.

Then, I went home and did homework, (reading mostly), for about 3 hours before having a little dinner at the local pub nearby. Nope, no alcohol for me, just an iced tea and a very nice meatloaf, mashed potatoes and gravy, with some bread and cranberry sauce. Yummy!!!

I met a couple people I knew from class, and we played darts. I kicked their asses and they bought me another iced tea. Nice people here, oh sure, some just wanna get into my pants, but THAT’s expected since I am a good lookin’ redhead around a bunch of oversexed youngsters.

If the truth be told, I am extremely flattered and hey, who knows, some night when I am in heat, I may just let them “take advantage of me”. Isn’t that the POINT of college?

I left the pub after a couple of hours, went home and did some more reading. I undressed, slipped into the bath, and then into some risqué lingerie to relax. There is nothing like sexy underwear to make you feel like a woman.

Since I love to read, I picked up a book by James Patterson-Filthy Rich, and read until I fell asleep. I got up, dragged my pretty little ass off to bed, and off to dreamland I went, waiting to start the day all over again tomorrow.

Nighty Night!!!





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